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How to Own Your Lounger Pants Even When Out on the Town

Posted on February 24 2017

How to Own Your Lounger Pants Even When Out on the Town
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There are few items of clothing more comfortable than lounger style pants. You can girl in comfy lounge pantswear them to bed or simply enjoy their comfort around the house. However, when it comes to running a few errands or even spending a day out on the town, you might hesitate at the front door. Should you change or can you rock those comfortable pants in the light of day? Learn to own those pants and no one will think twice about you wearing them.

Buy a Stylish Pair

Browse Elan clothing and other brands offered at Sedona East to find a pair of lounger pants that looks like a million bucks. Our fashion is chic but comfortable, stylish and flowy in true Bohemian style. When your lounger pants look like they belong on a runway, there’s no way you’ll think twice about wearing them outside of the house.

Walk With Confidence

If you slouch your shoulders and kind of walk bent over, hoping no one will notice you didn’t bother to change when you stepped out of the house, you’ll look “guilty” and are sure to draw more negative attention. Walk with confidence — briskly and with your shoulders back — and you’ll look like you put on those pants on purpose to look more stunning.

Go on Casual Outings

While lounger pants may still look out of place when fine dining, they can look perfect for so many occasions, including beach outings, picnics, and shopping around town. They even look great at cafes and less formal dining places.

Sedona East offers clothes that are both comfortable and chic — the perfect marriage of what you want in the clothes you wear around town. With free two-day shipping and free returns on all orders, you have nothing to lose by ordering something cute you can lounge around in today.


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