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Fashion Tips You Should Always Remember

Posted on March 03 2017

Fashion Tips You Should Always Remember
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Whether you are looking for something classy and elegant, something casual, or fashion runway ready for showsomething you can enjoy anytime, anywhere there are many options to choose from here at Sedona East. From our bohemian wholesale line to our classy evening wear, you can find something that will fit all of your needs. To help you find the perfect piece for your wardrobe, here are some great fashion tips you should always remember when you are looking for a new outfit.

Be Strategic With Skin

Looking truly sexy is about more than just showing skin and cleavage, it is about being smart with what skin you do show. As a general rule if you are showing off the legs, keep the top half fairly covered.  If you are going sleeveless and low cut, keep the legs covered. Smart skin reveals are more powerful and more memorable.

Accessories Should Be Bright

For outfits that have neutral colors, a splash of color can be just what you need and the best way to incorporate these bright shades is in the accessories you use. Purses, shoes, jewelry, hair pieces, and any other accessories are a perfect way to add in reds, yellows, greens, blues, and any other color splashes.

Multiple Outfits Are Good

It is fine to have multiples of the same outfit so long as you are able to dress them up a little different each time. If you find an especially flattering fit right off the rack, go ahead and buy doubles. You can make each wear unique by changing the accessories or buying different colors of the same outfit.

Use a Scarf Anytime

Scarfs are not just for winter time wear. Silky light scarfs are great for warm weather and can really dress up an outfit and add a splash of color. Bulky heavy scarfs can do the same thing during winter and offer a dressed up look while keeping you warm all season long.

Open Your Mind to New Ideas

A you are shopping you will likely find several items that make you think "it's cute but so not me." A good fashion tip is to always take one of these types of items into the fitting room to try on. You never know what may look and feel good and you may just discover your new favorite look!


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