3 Bohemian Accessories You Didn’t Realize Were So Affordable

If you curate your closet with any regularity, you know it’s not exactly cheap to keep your hangers and drawers well-stocked. That’s one of the reasons why accessories are often your last priority — since it costs enough of your budget just to buy the tops, bottoms, dresses, and shoes. However, if you realized how affordable and versatile Bohemian style accessories are, you’ll likely be more open to stocking up on them.


teen girl with bohemian style

One of the best Bohemian wholesale accessory deals is Sedona East’s selection of handbags, totes, beach bags, shoulder bags, and cross body bags. Some designer brands on other sites cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. For the same price, you could purchase several or even dozens of Bohemian style bags that look gorgeous and go with any style of fashion.


Bohemian style jewelry has flair that classic style doesn’t — and it’s a fraction of the cost. You won’t feel as worried about wearing it all the time because you needn’t dress to the nines to justify putting it on and be concerned about losing it because it costs so much. Even so, the jewelry has impact, often more than a simple gold or silver band.


Wearing Bohemian fashion doesn’t have to mean you spend a lot of time at the beach, but sunglasses are a must if you do. Even if you spend just a few minutes outdoors walking to and from your car, sunglasses protect your eyes and should even be worn while driving. Bohemian style sunnies look gorgeous with any style outfit.

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